Search engine friendly content Dear Colleagues & Friends in our Lord:

It’s my pleasure and privilege to be on behalf of Taiwan Christian Health Care Alliance and Asian Christian Hospital Association to inform you that the 21st Annual Convention of Asian Christian Hospitals will take place from November 10th through 12th of this year. The Venue of Convention will be at Changhua Christian Hospital International Education and Training Center.

“The Future We Want” is the main theme and the plenary themes include “Inclusive Long-term Care of Christian Hospital” and “Innovation and Sustainable Development of Christian Hospital”. As you know, the scientific development of current world is escalating fast, especially information technique. The expectation of people towards medical delivering system also soars along with it. Besides, the aging population is rising steeply in the coming years. Consequently, how to face the future is an unavoidable challenge for Christian medical professionals.

Therefore, our Convention is a valuable platform under the name of Jesus Christ to gather and share our clinical experience, which will refuel both our professional knowledge and faith spirituality. Finally, we look forward to meeting you at the Convention and praise God together.

May God Bless the Convention and each of you

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Ta-Jen Chang M.D. , M.H.S.
President, Asian Christian Hospital Association
President, Taiwan Christian Health Care Alliance
Superintendent, Catholic Mercy Hospital, Catholic Mercy Foundation